MCD19A2.061: Terra & Aqua MAIAC Land Aerosol Optical Depth Daily 1km

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The MCD19A2 V6.1 data product is a MODIS Terra and Aqua combined Multi-angle Implementation of Atmospheric Correction (MAIAC) Land Aerosol Optical Depth (AOD) gridded Level 2 product produced daily at 1 km resolution. For more information see the MAIAC user guide.

NOTE: This product has been released with the caveat that the reprocessing for the full mission is expected to continue through summer 2023.


1000 meters


Name Units Min Max Scale Description
Optical_Depth_047 -100 8000 0.001

Aerosol optical depth over land retrieved in the MODIS Blue band (0.47 μm). AOD is not received at high altitude (greater than 4.2 km) except when smoke or dust is detected; rather, we report a static value of 0.02 used for atmospheric correction.

Optical_Depth_055 -100 8000 0.001

Aerosol optical depth over land retrieved in the MODIS Green band (0.55 μm).

AOD_Uncertainty 0 30000 0.0001

AOD uncertainty based on blue-band surface brightness (reflectance)

FineModeFraction 0 1000

Fine mode fraction for ocean and large inland lakes

Column_WV cm 0 30000 0.001

Column water vapor over land, retrieved from MODIS near-IR bands at 0.94 μm. When reported for cloudy pixels, it represents water vapor above the cloud.



Injection_Height m 0 10000

Smoke injection height

AngstromExp_470-780 0.0001

Angstrom exponent 470-780nm over the ocean

cosSZA 0 10000 0.0001

Cosine of solar zenith angle (5 km resolution)

cosVZA 0 10000 0.0001

Cosine view zenith angle (5 km resolution)

RelAZ -18000 18000 0.01

Relative azimuth angle (5 km resolution)

Scattering_Angle -18000 18000 0.01

Scattering angle (5 km resolution)

Glint_Angle -18000 18000 0.01

Glint angle (5 km resolution)

Terms of Use

Terms of Use

MODIS data and products acquired through the LP DAAC have no restrictions on subsequent use, sale, or redistribution.




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var collection = ee.ImageCollection('MODIS/061/MCD19A2_GRANULES')
                     .filterDate('2023-01-01', '2023-01-15');

var band_viz = {
  min: 0,
  max: 1100,
  palette: ['black', 'blue', 'purple', 'cyan', 'green', 'yellow', 'red']

Map.addLayer(collection.mean(), band_viz, 'Optical Depth 047');
Map.setCenter(76, 13, 6);
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