Use and test a Community Connector

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As you develop your Community Connector, you can use and test it in Data Studio using the Head Deployment.

Using Head Deployment

The Head Deployment is created by default in Apps Script and will always contain the current working version of the code.

  1. In the Apps Script development environment, Click on Publish > Deploy From Manifest. You should see the Deployments screen with Latest Version (Head) listed.
  2. Click on the deployment name (Latest Version (Head)) or the Data Studio icon next to the Get ID link. It will show the connector link into Data Studio for this connector.
  3. Click on the newly available connector link. It will open up a new window in Data Studio with your connector already selected and awaiting authorization. From here you can authorize, configure, and use your connector.

For more information on deployments, view the Deploy a Community Connector guide.

Update your code for Head Deployment

As you update your code, saving your Apps Script project will also update the Latest Version / Head Deployment.