Share a Community Connector

Now that you have built, used, and deployed your connector, you might want to share it with other Data Studio users.


If you want users other than yourself to use your Community Connector, they need to have at least read access to your Apps Script connector project. Otherwise their Data Studio account will not be able to read and execute the script. Note that you do not need to share the script link with the users, only that they need read access.

The recommended way of providing access is to enable link sharing for the project. The script will not show up in the users' Google Drive.

If you only need to share your connector with a small number of users then alternatively you can share the script with the specific users. Note that this will cause the script to show up in the users' Google Drive and they will be able to access it directly. This approach is only recommended if you want to share the script with a selected group of users.

You can share any deployment of your Community Connector with a link. When a user follows the link, it will take them directly to Data Studio with your connector selected and ready to configure.

To get a link to share your community connector:

  1. In Apps Script open the project of the Community Connector you want to share. Click on Publish > Deploy from manifest.
  2. For the specific deployment you want to share, click on the deployment name or the Data Studio icon next to the Get ID link. It will show the link into Data Studio for this connector.
    Alternatively, you can also get the ID for the deployment by clicking the Get ID link and then append the ID to the following URL to get the link:
  3. Copy the link from the Deployment window and share it. You can post it on your website, blog, or social media.

Sharing data sources and reports that use Community Connectors

You should be able to share data source and reports that use Community Connectors. By default report owner's credentials will be used for data sources and connections to 3rd-party services should continue to work.