Community Connectors Developer Launch

Community Connectors allow direct connections from Data Studio to any internet accessible data source. The Developer Launch introduces the core functionality of a new and exciting ecosystem that will enable users to access all of their data in Data Studio.

The Developer Launch includes the following:

  • The Community Connector feature is enabled for all users. Anyone can develop and use Community Connectors. Learn how to Build a Community Connector.
  • An in-product experience and gallery is available for users to explore Community Connectors that have been built by the community. Explore Community Connectors.
    • Community Connectors can be built for private use, shared with other users, or published in the gallery. Learn how to Share or Publish a Community Connector.

What's next: Upcoming changes and improvements

The Developer Launch sets the foundation from which you can build and use Community Connectors. However, there is an extensive and well-planned roadmap for Data Studio Community Connectors that will further improve and refine the experience for developers and users.

Some of the features and improvements we'll be working on in the coming months include:

  • Configuration and Authentication

    • Validation for configuration options.
    • Grouping and search capabilities for dropdowns.
    • Support for additional auth options.
    • Capability to execute the resetAuth function of community connectors from within Data Studio.
  • Other improvements

    • Allow connector configuration parameters to be overridden in reports.
    • Improved error handling and messaging options for Community Connectors.

Stay up-to-date and provide feedback

To stay up-to-date on changes such as fixes, improvements, and new features follow the changelog.

We would like to hear from you! What's working well for you, what isn't, and what features or improvements would you like to see? To provide feedback to the team, review the options on the Support page.


If my Community Connector accesses more than one service, should I create one connector or multiple connectors?
You are free to choose either approach, there is no requirement. A consideration to make is how you'll handle source selection, authentication, and how you intend to promote your Community Connector. You may want to opt for a hybrid approach: Publish connectors with high demand data sources separately and then have another unified connector for all other data sources. There is currently no limit to the number of connectors a single developer can list in the Gallery.

Can I monetize my connector?
Yes. However, you will need to handle payment, authentication and access rights for your Community Connector. There are several common approaches to monetization, including: - a paid service with a free connector - a lite and a pro version of connector (freemium) - pro/paid features in your connector

Can I make my Community Connector source code public?
Yes, it's up to you. If you are interested in open sourcing your connector let us know. There is no requirement for making your source code public.

Next steps

Build your first Community Connector, read Getting Started with Community Connectors.