Custom Search Ads for Mobile

Search ads for mobile sites and apps.
You can now leverage Google ad inventory in your search based mobile site, Android app or iOS app through Custom Search Ads for Mobile. Custom Search Ads for Mobile enables you to complement your search results with Google ads and provides an additional opportunity to monetize each query. Simply pass along your user's query and we'll deliver highly targeted ads based on the content the user is searching for.

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More Relevance = More Revenue
Custom Search Ads for Mobile returns highly relevant ads based on your user's queries.
This means more relevant ads for your users and more revenue for you.
As seen on Google
Leverage Google's familiar search ad formats and our partner search network of over one million advertisers.
You'll continue to benefit as we create new ad extensions to provide users with information such as location, product images,
page links, and merchant information.
Easy to integrate
Custom Search Ads for Mobile implementation is straightforward. Mobile site owners will only need to add a simple code snippet.
Android and iOS app developers can integrate Custom Search Ads for Mobile through our SDK.
In-depth developer resources are available under the documentation section.
Completely Customizable
Custom Search Ads for Mobile allows you to control ads background color, font color, and font size to create an integrated user experience.
You can also fix ads to the top or bottom of the screen, or place them in line with your search results.