Google Cloud Search getting started tutorial

This tutorial shows how to deploy a simple Cloud Search solution and uses GitHub as the repository of data to be indexed. Specifically, this tutorial consists of two sample applications:

  • A content connector, created with the Cloud Search Connector SDK, used to index data found in GitHub repositories. Data indexed includes issues, pull requests, and the head content of the default branch (master).
  • A web app that uses the search widget to provide a customized search interface.


This tutorial requires the following prerequisites:

  • Administrator access to a Google Workspace or Cloud Identity domain with Cloud Search for Third Party Data Indexing enabled. If you're unable to view settings in the Admin control panel, either contact your domain administrator or sign-up for Cloud Search.
  • A GitHub user account.
  • Java and JavaScript familarity.
  • Java 8 or newer.
  • Maven.
  • Node.js 8.11 or newer.

Create the tutorial project

To start, you must create an Google Cloud Platform project. This project forms the basis for creating, enabling, and using all Google Cloud Platform (GCP) services, including managing APIs, enabling billing, adding and removing collaborators, and managing permissions.

  1. Open the Google Cloud console.

  2. At the top of the page, click to the right of "Google Cloud Console." A dialog listing current projects appears.

  3. Click NEW PROJECT. The New Project screen appears.

  4. In the Project Name field, enter a project name, such as "SearchTutorial."

  5. (optional) Click Edit to edit the Project ID. The project ID can't be changed after the project is created, so choose an ID that meets your needs for the lifetime of the project.

  6. To browse locations for the project, click BROWSE.

  7. Click on a location for your project and click Select.

  8. Click CREATE. The console navigates to the Dashboard page. The project is created within a few minutes.

For further information on creating and managing projects, refer to Creating and Managing Projects.

Enable the API

You need to enable the Google Cloud Search API and create a service account to obtain credentials.

  1. In the left navigation, click APIs & Services.
  2. To ensure you are on the newly created project, click the icon to the right of the Google Cloud console banner and select your newly-created project.
  3. Click ENABLE APIS AND SERVICES. The "Welcome to API Library" page appears.
  4. Type "Cloud Search API" in the search field and press return. A list of APIs is returned.
  5. CLick Cloud Search API. The "Cloud Search API" page appears.
  6. Click ENABLE. The Overview page appears.

For further information on enabling and disabling APIs, refer to Manage APIs in the Google Cloud console

Clone the tutorial repository

To clone the sample repository, run the following command:

git clone