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AbortCountExceptionHandler Exception handler that is configured with a count of allowable retries before forcing an abort. 
Acl Represents all aspects of access permissions for an uploaded document. 
Acl.Builder Mutable ACL for creating instances of Acl
Acl.GroupPrincipalParser Parser used to extract a group principal of either "google" or "external" type. 
Acl.InheritanceType The enum that presents the type of inheritance. 
Acl.PrincipalType Represents type of a Principal  
Acl.UserPrincipalParser Parser used to extract a user principal of either "google" or "external" type. 
ApiOperation Object encapsulating an API request to be executed using IndexingService
ApiOperations A factory for creating ApiOperation instances. 
Application<H extends AbstractApplicationHelper, T extends ConnectorContext> Main object and access point for the SDK. 
Application.AbstractApplicationHelper<C extends AbstractBuilder<C, T extends ConnectorContext>, S extends AbstractBuilder<S, T>, T> Helper class to make our class more testable: factory and util methods  
Application.Builder Builder object for creating Application instance. 
Application.ShutdownHook Runnable implementation to register with addShutdownHook(Thread)
AsyncApiOperation An ApiOperation that the Repository pushes asynchronously. 
AsyncRequest<T> Individual batched request wrapper as consumed by add(AsyncRequest)  
AsyncRequest.EventStartCallback Interface to record start of an event such as execution of batched request. 
AsyncRequest.SettableFutureCallback<T> JsonBatchCallback wrapper which updates ListenableFuture associated with individual batched request. 


BaseApiService<T extends AbstractGoogleJsonClient> Base object encapsulating common functionality for interacting with Google APIs such as setting credentials, request timeouts, error handling and retry etc. 
BaseApiService.AbstractBuilder<B extends AbstractBuilder<B, T extends AbstractGoogleJsonClient>, T> Builder object for creating an instance of BaseApiService
BaseApiService.RetryRequestInitializer Adds a backoff and retry response and exception handlers to the HttpRequest
BatchApiOperation Container for a sequence of ApiOperation objects. 
BatchingIndexingService Indexing Service for batching multiple API requests. 
BatchingIndexingServiceImpl Concrete class implementing BatchingIndexingService
BatchingIndexingServiceImpl.Builder Builder for creating an instance of BatchingIndexingServiceImpl  
BatchItemRetriever Connector specific implementation for handling a batch of Item instances from PollItemsResponse
BatchPolicy Policy for flushing batched requests. 
BatchPolicy.Builder Builder object for creating an instance of BatchRequest
BatchRequestService Batch multiple requests. 
BatchRequestService.Builder Builder object for creating an instance of BatchRequestService  
BatchRequestService.ExecutorFactory Factory for obtaining ExecutorService instance. 
BatchRequestService.ExecutorFactoryImpl BatchRequestService.ExecutorFactory implementation to get ExecutorService and ScheduledExecutorService instances used by BatchRequestService
BatchRequestService.SystemTimeProvider BatchRequestService.TimeProvider implementation to get current system time. 
BatchRequestService.TimeProvider Interface for classes that can provide the current time. 


CheckpointCloseableIterable<T> A CloseableIterable that supports pagination while traversing a repository or incremental changes. 
CheckpointCloseableIterableImpl<T> CheckpointCloseableIterable implementation which supports lazy initialization of getCheckpoint() value and hasMore()
CheckpointCloseableIterableImpl.Builder<T> Builder object for CheckpointCloseableIterableImpl  
CheckpointCloseableIterableImpl.CompareCheckpointCloseableIterableRule<T> A TestRule to compare two instances of CheckpointCloseableIterables. 
CheckpointHandler Wrapper object to read / write a checkpoint. 
CloseableIterable<T> Interface that is used to iterate through a set of repository documents. 
CloseableIterableOnce<T> A CloseableIterable that can be iterated over at most once. 
CloudIdentityFacade Simple interface to the Cloud Identity service. 
CloudSearchService Service wrapper for Cloud Search API client. 
Configuration Static factory for handling connector configurations. 
Configuration.Parser<T> General purpose ConfigValue parser. 
Configuration.ResetConfigRule TestRule to reset static Configuration object for unit tests. 
Configuration.SetupConfigRule TestRule to initialize static Configuration object for unit tests. 
ConfigValue<T> Placeholder object for Configuration values. 
Connector<T extends ConnectorContext> Interface for user-specific implementation details of the connector. 
ConnectorContext Interface for a context object created by the SDK to pass to the Connector code. 
ConnectorContextImpl Context for Connector
ConnectorScheduler<T extends ConnectorContext> Handles scheduling and execution of connector traversal related tasks. 
ConnectorScheduler.Builder Builder for ConnectorScheduler instances. 
ConnectorScheduler.OneAtATimeRunnable Runnable implementation which allows only one thread to run given runnable at a time. 
ConnectorScheduler.ShutdownHolder Pointer to shutdown method to be executed when traversal is complete. 
ConnectorStats Convenience class to access the connector's stats. 
ConnectorTraverser Handles scheduling and execution of indexing connector traversal related tasks. 
ContentTemplate Utility to create an HTML template used for formatting content from repository field data (database, CSV, CRM, etc.) for uploading to Cloud Search. 
ContentTemplate.UnmappedColumnsMode Defines how to treat extra field data provided to the apply(Map) call. 
ContentUploadService Service for uploading media content using Google Cloud Search ByteStream API. 
ContentUploadServiceImpl Concrete class implementing ContentUploadService

Document content uploads normally occur "in-line" as part of the item's upload request. 

ContentUploadServiceImpl.Builder Builder to create an instance of ContentUploadServiceImpl
CredentialFactory Factory to create a GoogleCredential object for accessing the Cloud Search API. 


DefaultAcl Common default ACL object that can be used for an entire data repository. 
DefaultAcl.Builder Builder object for constructing a DefaultAcl object. 
DefaultAcl.DefaultAclMode Mode setting used to set a default ACL on an Item
DeleteItem ApiOperation to delete an Item
DeleteQueueItems ApiOperation to delete zero or more Item from a given queue. 
DirectoryFacade A facade for Google's Directory API ( 


ExceptionHandler Interface for handling errors and defining a retry policy. 
ExponentialBackoffExceptionHandler ExceptionHandler implementation that uses exponential backoff before retrying. 


FullSyncIdentityConnector Connector implementation which periodically sync all users and groups with Google  
FullTraversalConnector Template connector that performs a full repository traversal and uploads every document. 


GoogleProxy Encapsulates an @{link Proxy} object and the token for proxy authentication. 
GoogleProxy.Builder Builder for GoogleProxy
GroupIdEncoder Helper utility to encode Group identifier in a consistent way between identity and indexing connectors. 
GroupsServiceImpl Wrapper for Cloud Identity Groups API for performing CRUD operations on Groups and Memberships. 
GroupsServiceImpl.Builder Builder object for creating an instance of GroupsServiceImpl  


IdentityApplication Main object and access point for the SDK. 
IdentityApplication.Builder Builder for creating an instance of IdentityApplication  
IdentityConnector Interface for user-specific implementation details of the connector. 
IdentityConnectorContext Interface for a context object created by the SDK to pass to the IdentityConnector code. 
IdentityGroup Represents a third-party group to be synced with Cloud identity Groups API. 
IdentityGroup.Builder Builder for IdentityGroup  
IdentityPrincipal<T> Represents third-party identity such as user or group. 
IdentityPrincipal.Kind Kind of IdentityPrincipal  
IdentityScheduler Handles scheduling and execution of identity connector traversal related tasks. 
IdentityScheduler.Builder Builder for creating an instance of IdentityScheduler  
IdentityService Access point between the connector developer and Google APIs for syncing identities. 
IdentityServiceImpl Access point between the connector developer and Google APIs for syncing identities. 
IdentityServiceImpl.Builder Builder for creating an instance of IdentityService  
IdentitySourceConfiguration Structure to hold configuration information about identity sources, schemas and group namespace. 
IdentitySourceConfiguration.Builder Builder for creating an instance of IdentitySourceConfiguration  
IdentityState Current state of all identities synced with Google. 
IdentityState.Builder Builder object for IdentityState  
IdentityStateLoader Abstract object to load initial IdentityState  
IdentityUser Represents third-party user identity and corresponding Google identity mapping. 
IdentityUser.Builder Builder for IdentityUser  
IgnoreExceptionHandler Exception handler that simply ignores all errors. 
IncrementalChangeHandler Interface for handling repository changes. 
IndexingApplication Main object and access point for the SDK. 
IndexingApplication.Builder Buider for IndexingApplication instances. 
IndexingConnector Interface for user-specific implementation details of the connector. 
IndexingConnectorContext Interface for a context object created by the SDK to pass to the IndexingConnector code. 
IndexingItemBuilder Helper object to build an Item
IndexingItemBuilder.FieldOrValue<T> Construct to specify an actual field value or pointer to a key within the key/values map. 
IndexingService Access point between the connector developer and the indexing service API backend. 
IndexingService.RequestMode Request mode for Item index and delete requests. 
IndexingServiceImpl Wrapper object for CloudSearch.Indexing
IndexingServiceImpl.Operations API Operations  
IndexingServiceImpl.PollItemStatus Valid values for poll Item status. 
InMemoryCheckpointHandler CheckpointHandler implementation to maintain in-memory checkpoint values. 
InvalidConfigurationException Exception that is thrown for fatal configuration errors. 
ItemRetriever Connector specific implementation for handling Item from PollItemsResponse


ListingConnector Template connector that performs complete repository list traversals. 
LocalFileCredentialFactory Factory to create a GoogleCredential object for accessing the Cloud Search API. 
LocalFileCredentialFactory.Builder Builder for creating instance of LocalFileCredentialFactory


MockItem Generates an Item using IndexingItemBuilder with specified values for metadata. 
MockItem.Builder Builder class to set meta data attributes of an Item. 


PaginationIterable<T, Q> Iterable which handles pagination for iterating over set of objects. 
PaginationIterable.Page<T, Q> Represents set of items and optional continuation token to fetch additional items. 
PushItems ApiOperation to push Item objects to the Cloud Search queue. 
PushItems.Builder Builder for creating an instance of PushItems operation  


QueueCheckpoint Handles checkpoints for the queue names used for detecting deletes during full traversals. 
QueueCheckpoint.QueueData Represents queue checkpoint information maintained by FullTraversalConnector  
QuotaServer<T extends Enum<T>> Utility object to enforce quota requirements. 
QuotaServer.Builder<T extends Enum<T>, K extends QuotaServer<T>> Builder for QuotaServer instances. 


Repository An Identity repository for listing Users and Groups from a repository  
Repository An object that provides the necessary methods to access a data repository. 
RepositoryContext Context used by Repository to initialize itself  
RepositoryContext Context object to enable the Repository to make asynchronous calls to the Cloud Search SDK. 
RepositoryDoc Generic object for a single document in a repository. 
RepositoryDocError ApiOperation to push repository error while processing an item from a content repository. 
RepositoryException An exception that is thrown specifically for fatal repository access errors. 
RepositoryException.Builder Builder for creating RepositoryException  
RepositoryException.ErrorType Repository error types as defined by Cloud Search API. 
RetryPolicy Object to store policy parameters used for backoff and retry recoverable errors. 
RetryPolicy.BackOffFactory Creates an instance of BackOff  
RetryPolicy.Builder Builder for creating an instance of RetryPolicy  
RetryPolicy.DefaultBackOffFactoryImpl Default factory object used to create an ExponentialBackOff with an initial delay of 1 second(s) and a multiplier of 2. 


SearchAuthInfo Container for auth info used to serving items. 
SearchHelper Helper class to serving for items indexed by connectors. 
SearchTestUtils Utility methods to test that indexed items are served correctly. 
SensitiveDataCodec Helper object used to encode and decode sensitive data. 
SensitiveDataCodec.SecurityLevel Values that specify the security level, used typically for a user parameter. 
StartupException Exception that is thrown for unrecoverable startup errors, such as fatal configuration errors or running on the wrong platform. 
StatsManager Object used to manage operation execution statistics. 
StatsManager.OperationStats Object used to log events, operations, and actions  
StatsManager.OperationStats.Event Counter for single operation to wrap Stopwatch  
StatsManager.ResetStatsRule TestRule to reset static StatsManager object for unit tests. 
StructuredData Helper utility to generate a StructuredDataObject
StructuredData.ResetStructuredDataRule TestRule to reset the static StructuredData object for unit tests. 
StructuredDataHelper Helper class for Mock Connector Structured Data  


TestProperties Common configuration properties for test case classes. 
TestUtils Utility methods for integration tests for the indexing SDK. 
TraverseExceptionHandlerFactory Constructs an ExceptionHandler based up on configuration options. 
TraverserConfiguration Object that defines a Cloud Search queue polling task. 
TraverserConfiguration.Builder Builder for TraverserConfiguration class. 
TraverserWorker An interface that performs the method call to poll the Cloud Search queue. 
TraverserWorkerManager Factory object for creating TraverserWorker instances. 


Uploader This class reads in a json file to upload all the requests to the Cloud Search Indexing API. 
UploadRequest This class defines the schema of request to upload to cloud search API. 
UploadRequest.AbstractNameRequest Abstract class of the request which has its name as the json key. 
UploadRequest.AbstractRequest Abstract class of the request sent to the indexing API. 
UploadRequest.DatasourcesListRequest Request to list data sources in the indexing API. 
UploadRequest.DeleteQueueItemsRequest Request to delete items from a given queue. 
UploadRequest.DeleteRequest Request to delete an Item from the indexing API. 
UploadRequest.DeleteSchemaRequest Request to delete the schema from the indexing API for the data source. 
UploadRequest.GetRequest Request to get an Item from the indexing API. 
UploadRequest.GetSchemaRequest Request to get the schema from the indexing API for the data source. 
UploadRequest.IndexItemAndContentRequest Request to index an Item and its content to the indexing API. 
UploadRequest.IndexItemRequest Request to index an Item to the indexing API. 
UploadRequest.ListRequest Request to list all items or search items by its attributes specified by filter criteria. 
UploadRequest.MediaContent MediaContent supports media content from either a url or a string. 
UploadRequest.PollItemsRequest Request to poll items from the indexing API. 
UploadRequest.PushItemRequest Request to push item to the indexing API. 
UploadRequest.UnreserveRequest Request to unreserve polled Item instances in a specific queue. 
UploadRequest.UpdateSchemaRequest Request to register schema for the data source in the indexing API. 
UrlBuilder Constructs an URL from a MessageFormat-style format string and a set of columns to include in the URL. 
UrlBuilder.Builder Builder for constructing instances of UrlBuilder
UsersServiceImpl.Builder Builder for creating an instance of UsersServiceImpl  
Util Common utility methods for integration tests.