Cloud Search API

Cloud Search provides cloud-based search capabilities over G Suite data. The Cloud Search API allows indexing of non-G Suite data into Cloud Search.


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This service provides the following discovery document:

REST Resource: media

upload POST /v1/media/{resourceName=**}
Uploads media for indexing.

REST Resource: v1.debug.datasources.items

checkAccess POST /v1/debug/{name=datasources/*/items/*}:checkAccess
Checks whether an item is accessible by specified principal.
searchByViewUrl POST /v1/debug/{name=datasources/*}/items:searchByViewUrl
Fetches the item whose viewUrl exactly matches that of the URL provided in the request.

REST Resource: v1.debug.datasources.items.unmappedids

list GET /v1/debug/{parent=datasources/*/items/*}/unmappedids
List all unmapped identities for a specific item.

REST Resource: v1.debug.identitysources.items

listForunmappedidentity GET /v1/debug/{parent=identitysources/*}/items:forunmappedidentity
Lists names of items associated with an unmapped identity.

REST Resource: v1.debug.identitysources.unmappedids

list GET /v1/debug/{parent=identitysources/*}/unmappedids
Lists unmapped user identities for an identity source.

REST Resource: v1.indexing.datasources

deleteSchema DELETE /v1/indexing/{name=datasources/*}/schema
Deletes the schema of a data source.
getSchema GET /v1/indexing/{name=datasources/*}/schema
Gets the schema of a data source.
updateSchema PUT /v1/indexing/{name=datasources/*}/schema
Updates the schema of a data source.

REST Resource: v1.indexing.datasources.items

delete DELETE /v1/indexing/{name=datasources/*/items/*}
Deletes Item resource for the specified resource name.
deleteQueueItems POST /v1/indexing/{name=datasources/*}/items:deleteQueueItems
Deletes all items in a queue.
get GET /v1/indexing/{name=datasources/*/items/*}
Gets Item resource by item name.
index POST /v1/indexing/{*/items/*}:index
Updates Item ACL, metadata, and content.
list GET /v1/indexing/{name=datasources/*}/items
Lists all or a subset of Item resources.
poll POST /v1/indexing/{name=datasources/*}/items:poll
Polls for unreserved items from the indexing queue and marks a set as reserved, starting with items that have the oldest timestamp from the highest priority ItemStatus.
push POST /v1/indexing/{*/items/*}:push
Pushes an item onto a queue for later polling and updating.
unreserve POST /v1/indexing/{name=datasources/*}/items:unreserve
Unreserves all items from a queue, making them all eligible to be polled.
upload POST /v1/indexing/{name=datasources/*/items/*}:upload
Creates an upload session for uploading item content.

REST Resource: v1.operations

get GET /v1/{name=operations/**}
Gets the latest state of a long-running operation.

REST Resource: v1.query

search POST /v1/query/search
The Cloud Search Query API provides the search method, which returns the most relevant results from a user query.
suggest POST /v1/query/suggest
Provides suggestions for autocompleting the query.

REST Resource: v1.query.sources

list GET /v1/query/sources
Returns list of sources that user can use for Search and Suggest APIs.

REST Resource: v1.settings.datasources

create POST /v1/settings/datasources
Creates a datasource.
delete DELETE /v1/settings/{name=datasources/*}
Deletes a datasource.
get GET /v1/settings/{name=datasources/*}
Gets a datasource.
list GET /v1/settings/datasources
Lists datasources.
update PUT /v1/settings/{*}
Updates a datasource.

REST Resource: v1.settings.searchapplications

create POST /v1/settings/searchapplications
Creates a search application.
delete DELETE /v1/settings/{name=searchapplications/*}
Deletes a search application.
get GET /v1/settings/{name=searchapplications/*}
Gets the specified search application.
list GET /v1/settings/searchapplications
Lists all search applications.
reset POST /v1/settings/{name=searchapplications/*}:reset
Resets a search application to default settings.
update PUT /v1/settings/{*}
Updates a search application.

REST Resource: v1.stats

getIndex GET /v1/stats/index
Gets indexed item statistics aggreggated across all data sources.

REST Resource: v1.stats.index.datasources

get GET /v1/stats/index/{name=datasources/*}
Gets indexed item statistics for a single data source.

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