Initial Setup

Setup for a developer

Enable API suite for cloud project

  • Navigate to Cloud Console:
  • Select existing cloud project or create a new one.
  • Go to APIs & Services > Enable APIs and Services.
  • Search for “Chrome”.
  • Select “Chrome Device Token API”.
  • Familiarize yourself with Terms of Service.
  • Click Enable.

Create Credentials

Create Service Account

  • Go to APIs & Services > Credentials > Create Credentials > Service account.
  • Enter service account name and click Create.
  • Create a key for your service account. Click Add Key and create “json” key. Keep track of the file in a secure location.
  • Use your service account with proper admin privileges for customer:
    • Customer may set up Domain-Wide Delegation and then the service account can impersonate a user/admin who has proper privileges (see how)

Setup for a customer

Enable domain-wide delegation

  • As customer admin, go to Admin Console (
  • Navigate to Security > Access and data control > API Controls > Domain-wide delegation.
  • Click Add new.
  • Enter client ID ("service account unique id").
  • Enter all necessary OAuth scopes.
  • Click Authorize.