Build Chat bots that bring your services and resources right into Google Chat, letting users get information and take action without leaving the conversation.
Cards provide a standard interface that ensures your Chat bot looks good on any device. Interactive elements like buttons enable users to do their work directly from Google Chat.
Dialogs are modal interfaces that your Chat bot opens to help users perform complete tasks like filling out forms.
Reach millions of users and organizations by publishing your Chat bot in the Google Chat bot catalog, or share your Chat bot within your Workspace domain alone.
Whether you're building your first bot, or or your hundred-and-first, our documentation teaches you key Chat bot features and useful solutions.
Got five minutes? Build and deploy a basic Chat bot that responds to messages.
Google Chat bots are fully functional web applications and services. Complete this codelab to build and deploy a Chat bot using Node.js and Google Cloud Functions.

Post notifications with webhooks

Incoming webhooks let you define one-off bots that inject messages into a room. This is the path for low-effort integrations that provide information feeds or alerts.
OAuth2, service accounts, and scopes. Learn how authentication in Google Chat and in Google Workspace work, and which type of authentication is best for your bot.
Bring your tickets, bring your cases, and bring your orders. Learn how Chat bots connect to and work with non-Google services.
Register specific commands that users can issue to your bot.