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Updates to "Create apps" tab - Published May 31, 2024

Building blocks, Sample flows, and App types: Updates to Android for Cars 1.7, detailing new Map + Content template and deprecated templates, new and updated sample flows, and the new Weather app category

Update to design foundations - Published March 20, 2024

Writing principles (New): Best practices for writing UI text for car screens

Android Automotive OS update - Published February 29, 2024

Portrait reference design: Updated content describing the AAOS reference system UI for portrait screens and how to customize it

AAOS/GAS product experience update - Published November 3, 2023

Profiles: Added new content describing the profile-based identity system in Android Automotive OS, including best practices for designing profile selection, locking, and recovery experiences

AAOS/GAS product experience update - Published October 20, 2023

Reference designs: Added new content describing fully built, customizable, system UI reference designs for portrait and small landscape screens

Notifications updates - Published September 1, 2023

How car notifications work: Updated content to cover current reference experiences

Create apps (new tab) - Published May 9, 2023

Create apps: Added UX requirements, templates, the design process, and sample flows for both Android Auto and AAOS in one location

Android Automotive OS update - Published April 24, 2023

Video apps: Added downloadable UX guidelines for creating video apps for cars

Android Auto apps update - Published February 10, 2023

Android Auto apps: Removed outdated content about custom apps

Google Assistant integration update - Published January 6, 2023

Voice plate: Removed outdated specs

Navigation and point-of-interest apps (Android Auto, Android Automotive OS): Downloadable design guidelines for Android for Cars App Library 1.3

AAOS/GAS app update – Published July 22, 2021

Calendar app: Description of new reference app, including layout and interaction model information

Android Auto design system update – Published April 26, 2021

Layout: New information on layout, padding, and keylines

Component updates – Published April 13, 2021

App bar & header: Updates to component description, including new customization information

Dialogs: Updates to component description, including new customization information

Toasts: Description of the component used for toast messages from apps, including specs and customization information

Android Auto app updates – Published February 8, 2021 and updated March 1, 2021

Navigation, parking & charging apps: Overview of templates that developers can use to create apps in these categories, with downloadable design guidance

Component updates – Published January 13, 2021

Buttons: Updates to component description, including new customization information

Media progress indicator: Description of the progress indicator used in the media template, including specs and customization information

Overall site redesign – Launched September 28, 2020

This redesign combines previously separate design sites for Android Auto, Android Automotive OS (AAOS), and Google Automotive Services (GAS) in one place, with new section overviews and a few new sections. Key new content includes:

Android for Cars: Descriptions of Android Auto, AAOS, and GAS, with links to related design and technical documentation

Google Design for Driving: Overview of design content on the redesigned site

Style foundations: Style-related similarities and differences between Android Auto and AAOS

Partner roles: How Google works with car makers and app developers to create the AAOS experience

Car-maker branding: How car makers can customize UIs built on AAOS to reflect their brand

AAOS Dialer updates – Published August 21, 2020

Receiving calls: Updated to reference the conference call feature

Managing calls: Updated to describe managing conference calls

Android Auto media updates – Published August 3, 2020

Media apps: Updated descriptions of the browsing and playback views, as well as the queue

AAOS/GAS media updates – Published June 18, 2020

Playing media: New information on accessing and viewing the queue

Customize playback control / Queue guidelines: App developer guidelines for implementing a queue

Android Auto system UI updates – Published June 5, 2020

System UI: Descriptions of the app launcher, nav bar, status bar, notifications, and widgets