How users experience your app

Users can experience apps built with the Android for Cars apps 2 ways.

Diagram showing phones connected to cars via USB cable and wireless
Diagram showing apps being downloaded to a car's system from the Play store

Projected from phones (Android Auto)

Users who install an Android Auto-compatible app on their phones can project the app experience onto the screens of all compatible vehicles. The connection can occur either wirelessly or over a USB cable.

When projected from the phone, your app will use the same colors and styling across all compatible vehicles.

Downloaded into cars (AAOS)

In vehicles that have Android Automotive OS (AAOS) built in, users can download your app from Google Play directly into the vehicle. They can then run your app in the vehicle without needing to connect a phone.

When your app is downloaded into cars, vehicle OEMs can adjust colors and customize styling to fit specific vehicle models.