App checklist

Use this list to make sure you have provided all of the design elements needed for presenting your app within the media template for Android Automotive OS.

Design elements Related design task Related technical task & sample code
Navigational elements:
  • Monochrome (black or white) vector icons and labels for up to 4 navigation tabs
Plan navigation tabs Build your content hierarchy
Browsing-view elements:
  • Content styles specifying format of browsing views (grid or list, titles of subcategories)
Plan browsing views Apply content styles
Playback elements:
  • Monochrome (black or white) vector icons for any custom playback actions your app uses (separate icons for each state)
  • Thumbnails for queue items (optional)
  • Icon for the currently playing queue item (optional)
Customize playback controls

Queue guidelines
Add custom playback actions
elements:
  • Customized sign-in screens (adapted from sample code in UAMP Automotive app)
Adapt sign-in flow UAMP Automotive app

Add a Sign-in activity
Settings elements:
  • Settings overlay screen – portrait-mode layout (Volvo Polestar 2 size: 1068 x 1425dp; 1152 x 153px)
  • Settings overlay screen – landscape-mode layout (Automotive reference size: 1075 x 806dp; 1024 x 768px)
Design settings Add a Settings activity
Branding elements:
  • Full-color vector app icon
  • Accent color
Provide branding elements Specify an app icon and Customize the default theme.