Plan navigation tabs

The first step in structuring your media app is determining which content categories you want to appear as top-level navigation options on the app bar.

Car makers take care of implementing the app bar and determining most aspects of its appearance.

Basically, you need to decide the following:

  • Which top-level content categories you want represented as tabs on the app bar
  • What icons and labels you will supply for each tab

For examples of the navigation interface, visit Navigating media apps.

Requirement level Guidelines
MUST App developers must:
  • Implement no more than 4 tabs
  • Provide a label and a monochrome (black or white) vector icon for each tab
SHOULD App developers should:
  • Keep tab labels as short as possible, to prevent their being truncated


  • Simplify UX: Support consistent navigation model for media apps.
  • Accommodate all screens: Allow car makers to use only labels when both icons and labels won’t fit.