Dialer app

Dialer is a fully functional app that pairs with a user’s phone to handle calls and manage contacts on the car screen.

Built into Android Automotive OS, Dialer is designed to provide Bluetooth calling with minimal driver distraction.

Spatial model

Provides a high-level overview of the main elements of the Dialer architecture and how they fit together to support app navigation, contact views, calling, and call management

Describes the primary, top-level navigation model based on tabs and app controls for search and settings

Working with contacts

Describes how users browse contacts, navigating from high-level views to detail views, how they search for contacts, how users create a collection of important and frequently accessed phone numbers

Handling calls

Describes how users can place calls from various views, receive and respond to calls, switch between calls, and create conference calls

Adjusting settings

Describes how users set preferences for their Dialer start screen and the order in which contacts are listed