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Businesses call millions of consumers every day, but many consumers don't answer calls unless they recognize the caller. Calls from unverified phone numbers can also cause stress as scam call rates increase.

The Verified Calls feature in the Phone app increases call answer rates, builds trust, and helps consumers by presenting calls from legitimate businesses with verification, branding, and call reasons. Currently, Verified Calls is enabled for all users in the USA, Brazil, India, Spain, and Mexico.

Connect with customers over Verified Calls

When participating businesses place calls, Verified Calls establishes trust by confirming the identity of the businesses in real-time so users can be confident that calls aren't spoofed. Users receive enhanced experiences with the caller business name and logo, verification badge, and the reason for the calling, setting the ground for a successful engagement.

While increasing text and phone call fraud continues to affect consumer trust, Google can enable trustworthy communications between users and businesses.

Similar to how Verified Calls enhances calling experiences, Verified SMS makes SMS messaging safer and more trustworthy by adding sender verification and branding to business SMS messages.

Many brands—like 1-800-Flowers, Kayak, SoFi and Google Pay—are already sending messages with Verified SMS, and more businesses are signing up to use Verified SMS every day.

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