RBM Operations API

The RBM Operations API allows a carrier, or a partner working on behalf of a carrier, to tightly integrate the RBM agent approval process into their existing workflow.

The RBM Operations API replicates the capabilities of the RBM Administration Console. Specifically, it provides a REST API that allows mobile network operators to programmatically do the following:

  • Retrieve a list of the RBM agents that have been submitted for launch
  • Review the launch information provided by the developer
  • Launch or reject pending agents
  • Suspend and terminate live agents

The RBM Operations API is exposed as an RCS extension to Google's Business Communications API.


To approve and launch an agent with the RBM Operations API, follow these steps:

  1. Retrieve the list of agents submitted to the carrier.
  2. Retrieve an agent's current launch status and launch questionnaire.
  3. Retrieve an agent's detailed information.
  4. Approve or reject the agent launch.
  5. Suspend, enable, or terminate a launched agent.