When a user initiates a conversation, you can reach back out to them within 30 days of the user's last message. However, you must have a clear reason for contacting them. Your message should serve the user's interests and never spam them.

Users can also restart the conversation. When they do, provide a simple note of recognition to acknowledge their return.

  • "Welcome back"
  • "It's great to chat with you again. How can I help?"

Here are some reasons to meaningfully re-engage with users:

Keep users informed

  • Preview a new product launch.
  • Let the user know about special holiday hours.

Drive conversion

  • Remind the user about a product they were exploring and encourage them to add it to their basket.
  • Let them know if something is back in stock.
  • Follow up after a free trial.

Proactively manage post-sales

  • Let the user know when their order has shipped.
  • Encourage them to leave a review.

Manage appointments

  • Send appointment reminders.
  • Allow users to check in online.