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Resource representations

  "kind": "blogger#postUserInfo",
  "post": posts Resource,
  "post_user_info": {
    "kind": "blogger#postPerUserInfo",
    "userId": string,
    "blogId": string,
    "postId": string,
    "hasEditAccess": boolean
Property name Value Description Notes
kind string The kind of this entity. Always blogger#postUserInfo
post nested object The Post resource.
post_user_info nested object Information about a User for the Post.
post_user_info.kind string The kind of this entity. Always blogger#postPerUserInfo
post_user_info.userId string ID of the User.
post_user_info.blogId string ID of the Blog that the post resource belongs to.
post_user_info.postId string ID of the Post resource.
post_user_info.hasEditAccess boolean True if the user has Author level access to the post.


Gets one post and user info pair by postId and userId.
Retrieves a list of post and post user info pairs, possibly filtered. The post user info contains per-user information about the post, such as access rights, specific to the user.