Connect with customers in their language with Google Assistant's interpreter mode.

With the Google Assistant’s interpreter mode, you can now easily communicate with your customers -- even if you don’t speak the same language. Interpreter mode translates 29 languages in real-time to help businesses have free-flowing conversations with their guests at hotels, airports, restaurants, customer service desks, organizations aiding humanitarian efforts and more.

Get help translating conversations in real-time, without lifting a finger. Just say "Hey Google, be my German interpreter" or "Hey Google, help me speak Spanish" and you’ll see and hear the translated conversation.

We’ve designed interpreter mode into the Google Nest Hub smart display, offering a convenient solution that can fit anywhere your business interacts with customers.

Interpreter mode is already helping businesses better serve customers at airports, hotels, NGOs and more. See what our partners have to say.

"The Google Assistant interpreter mode has proven to increase our guest and employee satisfaction, as well as operator efficiency."

"Google has given international entrepreneurs the freedom to take part in business conversations independently."

"We're excited to continue working with Google to further improve our experience for all of our passengers."

Want to bring this to your business? Our authorized solution providers are here to help.

Volara and SONIFI are authorized solution providers for deploying interpreter mode to your business. From consulting and training, to product implementation and technical support, they’ll help you get ready to support customers around the world.


Learn more about how interpreter mode can help your business better communicate and engage with guests.