ARCore 1.0 is now available. See the blog post for more information.

ARCore for Unity API Reference

These are the reference pages for the Unity API.


ARCoreBackgroundRenderer Renders the device's camera as a background to the attached Unity camera component.
ARCoreSession A component that manages the ARCore Session in a Unity scene.
ARCoreSessionConfig Holds settings that are used to configure the session.
Anchor Attaches a GameObject to an ARCore Trackable.
AndroidPermissionsManager Manages Android permissions for the Unity application.
AsyncTask< T > A class used for monitoring the status of an asynchronous task.
EnvironmentalLight A component that automatically adjust lighting settings for the scene to be inline with those estimated by ARCore.
Frame Provides a snapshot of the state of ARCore at a specific timestamp associated with the current frame.
CameraImage Container for state related to the ARCore camera for the frame.
CameraMetadata Container for state related to the ARCore camera image metadata for the Frame.
PointCloud Container for state related to the ARCore point cloud for the Frame.
Session Represents an ARCore session, which is an attachment point from the app to the ARCore service.
TrackedPlane A planar surface in the real world detected and tracked by ARCore.


AndroidPermissionsRequestResult Structure holding data summarizing the result of an Android permissions request.
LightEstimate An estimate of lighting conditions in the environment corresponding to an AR frame.
TrackableHit Contains information about a raycast hit against a physical object tracked by ARCore.

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