Update and manage your published add-on

To change or unpublish your add-on’s Google Workspace Marketplace listing, see Update, unpublish, or check publication status.

Update published add-on code

To deploy a new version of your add-on’s code, follow the steps below.

  1. Make the changes to your code.
  2. Test the add-on using a head deployment.
  3. When you’re ready to publish your changes, create a version to correspond to your update.
  4. If you make changes that add scopes in your add-on's manifest, perform the following steps:
    1. Update the scopes listed in the Google Workspace Marketplace SDK and the OAuth consent screen to match the scopes listed in the manifest.
    2. Submit a new request for OAuth verification from your OAuth consent screen. If you don’t reverify your app before publishing the new version, a "This app isn't verified," warning is displayed to your users.
  5. On the App Configuration page of the Google Workspace Marketplace SDK, update the add-on’s information.
    1. If you’re updating an Editor Add-on, update the version number.
    2. If you’re updating a Google Workspace Add-on, update the Deployment ID.
  6. Click Save. Your new version is published.

Your users don't need to reinstall the add-on, but if you added additional scopes, they need to authorize the new scopes.

To learn more about creating and managing deployments see Deployments.