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Resource representations

A SubscriptionPurchase resource indicates the status of a user's subscription purchase.

  "kind": "androidpublisher#subscriptionPurchase",
  "startTimeMillis": long,
  "expiryTimeMillis": long,
  "autoRenewing": boolean,
  "priceCurrencyCode": string,
  "priceAmountMicros": long,
  "countryCode": string,
  "developerPayload": string,
  "paymentState": integer,
  "cancelReason": integer,
  "userCancellationTimeMillis": long,
  "orderId": string
Property name Value Description Notes
autoRenewing boolean Whether the subscription will automatically be renewed when it reaches its current expiry time.
cancelReason integer The reason why a subscription was cancelled or is not auto-renewing. Possible values are:
  1. User cancelled the subscription
  2. Subscription was cancelled by the system, for example because of a billing problem
  3. Subscription was replaced with a new subscription
countryCode string ISO 3166-1 alpha-2 billing country/region code of the user at the time the subscription was granted.
developerPayload string A developer-specified string that contains supplemental information about an order.
expiryTimeMillis long Time at which the subscription will expire, in milliseconds since the Epoch.
kind string This kind represents a subscriptionPurchase object in the androidpublisher service.
orderId string The order id of the latest recurring order associated with the purchase of the subscription.
paymentState integer The payment state of the subscription. Possible values are:
  1. Payment pending
  2. Payment received
  3. Free trial
priceAmountMicros long Price of the subscription, not including tax. Price is expressed in micro-units, where 1,000,000 micro-units represents one unit of the currency. For example, if the subscription price is €1.99, price_amount_micros is 1990000.
priceCurrencyCode string ISO 4217 currency code for the subscription price. For example, if the price is specified in British pounds sterling, price_currency_code is "GBP".
startTimeMillis long Time at which the subscription was granted, in milliseconds since the Epoch.
userCancellationTimeMillis long The time at which the subscription was canceled by the user, in milliseconds since the epoch. Only present if cancelReason is 0.


Cancels a user's subscription purchase. The subscription remains valid until its expiration time.
Defers a user's subscription purchase until a specified future expiration time.
Checks whether a user's subscription purchase is valid and returns its expiry time.
Refunds a user's subscription purchase, but the subscription remains valid until its expiration time and it will continue to recur.
Refunds and immediately revokes a user's subscription purchase. Access to the subscription will be terminated immediately and it will stop recurring.