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AdSense Host API

The Google AdSense Host API is ideal for developers whose users create their own content through blogging, web publishing, forum/wiki/community creation, or any other application where substantial web content is generated.

By allowing users to share in the revenue generated by their actions on your site, you are encouraging them to be more engaged with your program. Users are motived to create more high-quality content and to be more active on your site, leading to increased adoption and traffic.

Note: Only websites with over 100,000 daily page views across user pages are eligible to participate in the AdSense Host API program (read more). If your site does not meet this requirement, you can still monetize your site by using Google AdSense.

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Getting Started

Client Libraries and Samples



Learn the basics, quickly get up and running.

Use the client libraries to avoid manual set up of HTTP requests, and to parse the responses.

Get reports on your account's performance, according to your own criteria.

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