Seamlessly monetize with the web's leading scalable ads product. AFP has the following use cases:
  • Platforms who integrate AdSense via AFP are capable of implementing a flexible revenue share between themselves and their users. Ad revenue payments post-revenue share are facilitated by Google directly to each party.
  • We're developing a new set of APIs to make signing up with AdSense feel more native to the user, with less back and forth between the platform UI and AdSense.


AdSense for Platforms (AFP) is a highly customizable enterprise product designed to give content platforms and CMS/site building solutions the rails to natively integrate ads monetization across their solutions.
Integrate AdSense natively within a custom site builder or managed WP. Platform owners can opt to collect a fixed ad revenue share or simply offer a native AdSense integration with no revenue share as a feature.
We're building several APIs to make integrating with AdSense easier for platforms. There are two scenarios we're optimizing for: 1) connecting AdSense and 2) general management and reporting once connected.

Key features

Determine what revenue share you would like collect and what revenue gets passed along to child publishers accounts deployed through your integration.
Natively integrate AFP Transparent through an API-less front end where the platform can customize the look and feel of the account linking process.
Allow users who are new to AdSense to sign up for new accounts completely within the CMS and site building platform. Removes friction and eases onboarding.
Platforms can elect to centralize or delegate controls and preferences to users. Ad placement can be determined manually or using our ML-based Auto Ads to deploy ads in most optimal placements.
Pull data and reporting at the platform level and down to the child publisher level within our reporting UI or through our API. Platforms can leverage insights for marketing.
Work directly with our engineering team through the planning and integration process. Platforms will continue to work post-implementation with a dedicated Account Manager.
Ad revenue generated by both the child publishers and platforms are paid directly on Net-22 in multiple currencies. Both parties can select from 5 different payment methods.
AdSense is compatible with a variety of languages to provide contextual signals, ensuring ads are relevant to both the user and the site.
All account or technical account issues are addressed by our global publisher experience team via email or forums.