Google Workspace Alert Center API

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As a Google Workspace administrator, you can use the Alert Center API to access alerts for issues affecting your domain. This document provides API details and instructions for getting started.

Set up the Alert Center API

Follow these steps to set up the Alert Center API:

  1. Create a service account that can be used by your Google Workspace application (see instructions on creating a service account).
  2. Enable the Alert Center API (for instructions, see section on enabling and disabling APIs).
  3. Grant domain-wide access to the application, and therefore domain-wide delegation of authority to the associated service account (note that the 3-legged OAuth won't work for the Alert Center API):
    1. Go to your Google Workspace domain’s Admin console (see instructions on signing in to your Admin console).
    2. Click Security.
      If you don't see Security listed, select More controls at the bottom of the page, then click Security.
    3. Click Advanced settings.
    4. From the Authentication section, click Manage API client access.
    5. In the Client Name field, type the Client ID for the service account.
    6. In the One or More API Scopes field, enter the list of scopes that your application should be granted access to. In this case, type the following value: .
    7. Click Authorize.