enum LineItemCreativeAssociationError.Reason (v202211)

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The reasons for the target error.

Enumeration Description
CREATIVE_IN_WRONG_ADVERTISERS_LIBRARY Cannot associate a creative to the wrong advertiser
INVALID_LINEITEM_CREATIVE_PAIRING The creative type being associated is a invalid for the line item type.
STARTDATE_BEFORE_LINEITEM_STARTDATE Association start date cannot be before line item start date
STARTDATE_NOT_BEFORE_LINEITEM_ENDDATE Association start date cannot be same as or after line item end date
ENDDATE_AFTER_LINEITEM_ENDDATE Association end date cannot be after line item end date
ENDDATE_NOT_AFTER_LINEITEM_STARTDATE Association end date cannot be same as or before line item start date
ENDDATE_NOT_AFTER_STARTDATE Association end date cannot be same as or before its start date
ENDDATE_IN_THE_PAST Association end date cannot be in the past.
CANNOT_COPY_WITHIN_SAME_LINE_ITEM Cannot copy an association to the same line item without creating new creative
UNSUPPORTED_CREATIVE_VAST_REDIRECT_TYPE Programmatic only supports the "Video" redirect type.
UNSUPPORTED_YOUTUBE_HOSTED_CREATIVE Programmatic does not support YouTube hosted creatives.
PROGRAMMATIC_CREATIVES_CAN_ONLY_BE_ASSIGNED_TO_ONE_LINE_ITEM Programmatic creatives can only be assigned to one line item.
CANNOT_ACTIVATE_ASSOCIATION_WITH_INACTIVE_CREATIVE Cannot activate a line item creative association if the associated creative is inactive.
CANNOT_CREATE_PROGRAMMATIC_CREATIVES Cannot create programmatic creatives.
CANNOT_UPDATE_PROGRAMMATIC_CREATIVES Cannot update programmatic creatives.
CREATIVE_AND_LINE_ITEM_MUST_BOTH_BE_SET_TOP_BOX_ENABLED Cannot associate a creative with a line item if only one of them is set-top box enabled.
CANNOT_DELETE_SET_TOP_BOX_ENABLED_ASSOCIATIONS Cannot delete associations between set-top box enabled line items and set-top box enabled creatives.
SET_TOP_BOX_CREATIVE_ROTATION_WEIGHT_MUST_BE_INTEGER Creative rotation weights must be integers.
INVALID_CREATIVE_ROTATION_TYPE_FOR_MANUAL_WEIGHT Creative rotation weights are only valid when creative rotation type is set to CreativeRotationType.MANUAL.
CLICK_MACROS_REQUIRED The code snippet of a creative must contain a click macro (%%CLICK_URL_ESC%% or %%CLICK_URL_UNESC%%).
VIEW_MACROS_NOT_ALLOWED The code snippet of a creative must not contain a view macro (%%VIEW_URL_ESC%% or %%VIEW_URL_UNESC%%).
UNKNOWN The value returned if the actual value is not exposed by the requested API version.