enum ProposalLineItemProgrammaticError.Reason (v202002)

The reasons for the target error.

Enumeration Description
INVALID_PRODUCT_TYPE Programmatic proposal line items only support ProductType.DFP.
VIDEO_NOT_SUPPORTED EnvironmentType.VIDEO_PLAYER is currently not supported.
ROADBLOCKING_NOT_SUPPORTED Programmatic proposal line items do not support RoadblockingType.CREATIVE_SET.
INVALID_CREATIVE_ROTATION Programmatic proposal line items do not support CreativeRotationType.SEQUENTIAL.
INVALID_PROPOSAL_LINE_ITEM_TYPE Programmatic proposal line items only support LineItemType.STANDARD.
INVALID_RATE_TYPE Programmatic proposal line items only support RateType.CPM.
ZERO_COST_PER_UNIT_NOT_SUPPORTED Programmatic proposal line items do not support zero for ProposalLineItem.netRate.
INVALID_PROGRAMMATIC_CREATIVE_SOURCE Only programmatic proposal line items support ProgrammaticCreativeSource.
INVALID_MAX_VIDEO_CREATIVE_DURATION Programmatic proposal line item has invalid video creative duration.
CANNOT_UPDATE_PROGRAMMATIC_CREATIVE_SOURCE Cannot update programmatic creative source if the proposal line item has been sent to the buyer.
INVALID_NUM_UNITS The Goal.units value is invalid. For RateType.CPD proposal line items, only 100% is allowed
MIX_GUARANTEED_AND_PREFERRED_DEAL_NOT_ALLOWED Cannot mix guaranteed and Preferred Deal proposal line items in a programmatic proposal.
MIX_NATIVE_AND_BANNER_SIZE_NOT_ALLOWED Cannot mix native and banner size in a programmatic proposal line item.
CANNOT_UPDATE_SIZES Cannot update sizes when a programmatic proposal line item with publisher creative source is sent to a buyer.
INVALID_SPONSORSHIP_CONTRACTED_UNITS_BOUGHT The {ProposalLineItem#contractedUnitsBought} cannot be null or zero for programmatic RateType.CPD proposal line items.
INVALID_PROGRAMMATIC_PRICING_MODEL Only PricingModel.NET is supported for programmatic proposal line items.
BUYER_DISABLED_FOR_PG_VIOLATING_SLA Buyer is currently disabled for guaranteed deals due to violation of Programmatic Guaranteed service level agreement.
UNKNOWN The value returned if the actual value is not exposed by the requested API version.