Content markup properties of movies

This section provides the details of the content markup properties for the Movie entity type.

Specification table

Property Expected Type Description
@context Text Required - Always set to ["", {"@language": "xx"}]
  • Where" xx" represents the language of the strings in the feed. Each root entity context should have its @language set to the appropriate language code in BCP 47 format format. For example, if the language is set to Spanish, the names are assumed to be in Spanish even if the subtitle/dub language is in English.
@type Text Required - Always set to Movie for movies.
@id URL Required - The content's identifier in URI format; for example,
@id must meet the following requirements:
  • Globally unique across your catalog
  • Static; The ID should be stable and not change over time (even if the url property of the show changes). It will be treated as an opaque string and does not have to be a working link.
  • In the form of Unified Resource Identifier (URI)
  • The domain used for the @id value must be owned by your organization.
Because an entity's url meets all the requirements as an identifier, we recommend you use an entity's url as @id. See the Identifier section for more details.
url URL Required - The content's canonical URL, which Google uses to match the content in your feed to the content in Google's databases.
url must meet the following requirements:
  • url must be globally unique
  • url must contain a working canonical URL that Google can crawl.
For playback's deep link, see the target object's urlTemplate property instead.
name Text Required - The name of the movie.
titleEIDR Text Highly Recommended Why? - An EIDR (Entertainment Identifier Registry) identifier representing at the most general/abstract level, a work of film or television.
potentialAction WatchAction Required if applicable - An Action markup object that provides the details of the action.
  • If the content is available on Video on Demand (VoD), this property is required; the Action markup object needs to provide the deep link of the content.
  • If the content is available on a LiveTV channel, this property is optional; the associated BroadcastService entity provides the deep link of the channel instead.
  • A Movie can be available on both VoD and LiveTV.
Use an array to specify different deep links in multiple regions. See the Multiple regions and languages example.
sameAs URL Highly Recommended Why? A URL to a reference web page that can identify the movie; for example, the Wikipedia page of the movie. This must be distinct from the url property.
inLanguage Text Original language of the movie in BCP 47 format.
genre Text An ordered list of all relevant genres. For example : ["Action", "Fashion", "Environment", "Football"]
keywords Text Keywords or tags used to describe this content. Delimit multiple entries using commas. For example, "featuring, biography" can be a keyword to describe the content.
releasedEvent PublicationEvent, FeaturedEvent, or ExclusiveEvent Optional - A PublicationEvent is used to specify the initial release of content by a publisher, such as the original theatrical release date of a movie.

Additionally, use FeaturedEvent to indicate that your service markets this content as either an original, featured, special, and so forth.

ExclusiveEvent specifies that your service has exclusive distribution rights and includes where and when.

See the example section for details and examples.
releasedEvent.@type Text Required - Be sure to always set this property to one of the following:
  • PublicationEvent
  • ExclusiveEvent
  • FeaturedEvent
releasedEvent.location Country Required - The regions that are associated with this event.

For a PublicationEvent, this is the region where the content was published.

For FeaturedEvent and ExclusiveEvent, this is the region where the content is featured or exclusive.

Use ISO 3166 codes for countries. To indicate everywhere in the world, set to EARTH.
releasedEvent.startDate Date or DateTime Recommended - Required for ExclusiveEvent - The start date of the entity's publication.

For a PublicationEvent, this denotes the initial release date of this entity, such as the date a movie was first released in theaters.

For ExclusiveEvent and FeaturedEvent, this represents the start date of when the entity is exclusive or featured.
releasedEvent.endDate Date or DateTime Recommended - Required for ExclusiveEvent - This is only applicable to the ExclusiveEvent and FeaturedEvent types.

For ExclusiveEvent, this represents the date when the rights to the content expire.

For FeaturedEvent, this represents the last date when the provider features the entity.

If the content is perpetually exclusive or featured, set the endDate to 20 years from the current date.
releasedEvent.publishedBy Organization or Person Required - The organization or person that published this entity.
description Text Highly Recommended Why? A synopsis of the movie. Plot synopses are preferred to factual summaries. 300-character limit.
duration Duration Runtime of the movie in ISO 8601 format. Please use the format: "PT00H00M".
director Person Highly Recommended Why? The director(s) of the movie.
actor Person Highly Recommended Why? The cast member(s) of the movie.
image ImageObject Required for Google TV - The images related to the Movie. For more details on the required and optional properties to include with image, see Image properties.
trailer.description Text The description of the trailer. See the Trailer example.
trailer.inLanguage Text The language of the trailer in BCP 47 format.
trailer.url URL A URL of a trailer hosted publicly and uploaded by respective production studios or authorized sources.
trailer.regionsAllowed Place The regions where the media is allowed. If not specified, then it’s assumed to be allowed everywhere. Specify the countries in ISO 3166 format.
identifier PropertyValue External or other ID that unambiguously identifies this entity. Multiple identifiers are allowed. See the Identifier properties section for details.
review Review Review ratings for the Movie
review.reviewRating Rating Required if review is provided. This is used to specify the rating given in the review.
contentRating Text or Rating Required for an adult-only TV broadcast service, highly recommended otherwise - Overall content rating. If the content rating is given in the form of a Text string, the rating agency needs to be prepended to the rating with whitespace in between; for example, a "TV-Y" rating from agency "TVPG" in the U.S. is described as "TVPG TV-Y". See the list of agencies. Text or Organization Required if contentRating uses Rating - The name of the rating agency.
contentRating.ratingValue Text Required if contentRating uses Rating - The value of the rating.
contentRating.advisoryCode Text The advisory code for the content. Accepted values include D, FV, L, S, and V. D = Dialogue, FV = Fantasy Violence , L = Language, S = Sexual Content, V = Violence.
popularityScore PopularityScoreSpecification A score that Google uses, plus other signals, to determine which media to play for users. This score represents the popularity of the content in relation to other content in your catalog; therefore, the score's scale needs to be consistent across your feeds, among all the entities in your catalog. By default, an entity's popularity score is set to 0.
popularityScore.@type Text Always set to PopularityScoreSpecification.
popularityScore.value Number A non-negative numeric value that indicates the popularity of the entity; a higher score means higher popularity.
popularityScore.eligibleRegion Country Region(s) where this popularity score is applicable. If the popularity score is globally applicable, set to EARTH. By default, this property is set to EARTH.
Note: Locale-specific popularity takes precedence over global (EARTH) popularity


  "@context": ["", {"@language": "en"}],
  "@type": "Movie",
  "@id": "",
  "url": "",
  "name": "My Favorite Movie",
  "potentialAction": {
    "@type": "WatchAction",
    "target": {
      "@type": "EntryPoint",
      "urlTemplate": "",
      "inLanguage": "en",
      "actionPlatform": [
    "actionAccessibilityRequirement": {
      "@type": "ActionAccessSpecification",
      "category": "subscription",
      "requiresSubscription": {
          "@type": "MediaSubscription",
          "name": "Example Package",
          "commonTier": true,
          "@id": ""
      "availabilityStarts": "2018-07-21T10:35:29Z",
      "availabilityEnds": "2019-10-21T10:35:29Z",
      "eligibleRegion": [
          "@type": "Country",
          "name": "US"
          "@type": "Country",
          "name": "CA"
  "sameAs": "",
  "releasedEvent": {
    "@type": "PublicationEvent",
    "startDate": "2008-01-20",
    "location": {
      "@type": "Country",
      "name": "US"
  "popularityScore": {
    "@type": "PopularityScoreSpecification",
    "value": 78,
    "eligibleRegion": [
        "@type": "Country",
        "name": "US"
        "@type": "Country",
        "name": "CA"
  "description": "This is my favorite movie.",
  "actor": [
      "@type": "Person",
      "name": "John Doe",
      "sameAs": ""
      "@type": "Person",
      "name": "Jane Doe",
      "sameAs": ""
  "identifier": [
      "@type": "PropertyValue",
      "propertyID": "IMDB_ID",
      "value":  "tt0123456"

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