Monitor the status of the feed

The Actions console provides a dashboard where you can monitor the ingestion status of your feed.

Figure 1. A screenshot of the feed monitor dashboard in the Actions console.

Create an Actions project

To create and set up an Actions project, follow these steps:

  1. Log in to the Actions console.
  2. Click Add/import project.
  3. Name the project; we suggest you use the format Watch [BRAND] or Listen [BRAND]where [BRAND] is the name of your brand.
  5. Click the Conversational card.


  6. In the navigation bar, click alt_text > Permissions. (A new Google Cloud Platform console tab is opened.)

  7. In the new Google Cloud Platform console tab, click ADD.


  8. In the New Members field, enter

  9. For the Role field, select Project > Editor.


  10. Click SAVE. (You may close the Google Cloud Platform console tab here.)

  11. Send the URL of your project to the Media Actions team.

After receiving your URL, the Media Actions team will link your feed status to your Actions project.