Retail Ordering Business Link Compliance Requirements

Merchant and service eligibility

Please read through this policy criteria before beginning an integration.

Merchant eligibility criteria

Partners must have a direct contractual relationship in place with all merchants included in your integration feed. Violation of this policy can result in your integration being disabled or permanent removal of your integration.

  • You will remove from your integration feed any merchant that no longer has a contractual relationship in place or any merchant that requests to be removed from your integration feed.
  • Merchants who suspend or discontinue your service must be removed from your integration feed within 5 business days.
  • You must provide merchants a method of opting out of your integration feed and process opt-out requests within 5 business days of submission.
  • A link to a page where a merchant can perform or initiate an opt-out request must be directly linked via the Partner Portal.
  • Merchants must be willing and able to fulfill all services and actions specified in your integration.

What happens if you violate this policy

Compliance review: We may review your business for compliance with this policy at any time. If we contact you to request information related to compliance, you're required to respond in a timely manner and swiftly take any corrective action needed to follow our policies. We may also contact your customers to verify compliance.

Notification of non-compliance: If we believe that you violated this requirement, we'll contact you to request corrective action. If you fail to make the requested corrections within the time period given, we may take enforcement action. In cases of serious or repeated violations, we may act immediately and without notification.

Third-Party program suspension: Your participation in other Google third-party programs, such as Business Profile, is predicated upon compliance with this policy and may be limited or suspended if we find that you violated our policies or if you fail to cooperate with our efforts to review your business for compliance.

Integration Disablement: We may disable any or all integrations if you commit a serious policy violation. In cases of repeated or grave policy violations, you may no longer be able to offer Actions Center integrations. Furthermore, we may contact your customers to notify them accordingly.

Filing an appeal: If your integration is disabled as a result of non-compliance, you are able to inquire about the decision from within the Partner Portal. Once a case is closed, an "Appeal case" button will appear towards the top of the page when viewing the case in the Partner Portal. You must view the case from within the Partner Portal for the link to appear. To file the appeal, click the "Appeal case" button and complete the form. Your appeal will appear as a new case within the Partner Portal after you click "Submit".