Launch readiness checklist

In order to launch, you must be approved by Google. Google evaluates your readiness based on the following criteria:

  • Feed ingestion evaluation: Verify that there are no feed validation errors and the feeds are uploaded for the last three days. Feed validation issues appear in Feed History.
  • contact information: Fill out all required fields in the contact information (documentation) tab in the partner portal. These fields are mandatory before launch.
  • Integration policy: Verify that your integration follows the policies outlined in the Policies section.
  • Feed data evaluation: After you upload your feeds, Google processes and evaluates them for quality and completeness. We look at several factors:
    • Feeds meet the specifications.
    • Feeds include all required fields.
    • Each merchant has action url defined.
    • The majority of your merchant data matches with Google Maps locations.
  • Brand configuration: Have you uploaded a company logo, and merchant sign-up URL under the Brands page of the partner portal?

After the above-mentioned conditions are satisfied, you can create a ticket and we will enable all of your merchants in our production environment. This completes the integration, and allows any external user to navigate to your merchants' action link through Google.