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A comment is a reply to an activity. Comment methods enable your application to list a collection of comments and get a comment.

For a list of methods for this resource, see the end of this page.

Resource representations

A comment is represented in the Google+ API as a JSON data structure, as shown below, that is sent in the body of a request, or received in the body of a response. This representation is the set of all possible fields a comment can contain.

A comment has an actor who posted the comment, text content of the comment, when the comment was created and last updated, and other properties.

  "kind": "plus#comment",
  "etag": etag,
  "verb": "post",
  "id": string,
  "published": datetime,
  "updated": datetime,
  "actor": {
    "id": string,
    "displayName": string,
    "url": string,
    "image": {
      "url": string
  "object": {
    "objectType": "comment",
    "content": string,
    "originalContent": string
  "selfLink": string,
  "inReplyTo": [
      "id": string,
      "url": string
  "plusoners": {
    "totalItems": unsigned integer
Property name Value Description Notes
kind string Identifies this resource as a comment. Value: "plus#comment".
id string The ID of this comment.
published datetime The time at which this comment was initially published. Formatted as an RFC 3339 timestamp.
updated datetime The time at which this comment was last updated. Formatted as an RFC 3339 timestamp.
actor object The person who posted this comment.
actor.id string The ID of the actor.
actor.displayName string The name of this actor, suitable for display.
actor.url string A link to the Person resource for this actor.
actor.image object The image representation of this actor.
actor.image.url string The URL of the actor's profile photo. To resize the image and crop it to a square, append the query string ?sz=x, where x is the dimension in pixels of each side.
verb string This comment's verb, indicating what action was performed. Possible values are:
  • "post" - Publish content to the stream.
object object The object of this comment.
object.objectType string The object type of this comment. Possible values are:
  • "comment" - A comment in reply to an activity.
object.content string The HTML-formatted content, suitable for display.
inReplyTo[] list The activity this comment replied to.
inReplyTo[].id string The ID of the activity.
inReplyTo[].url string The URL of the activity.
etag etag ETag of this response for caching purposes.
object.originalContent string The content (text) as provided by the author, stored without any HTML formatting. When creating or updating a comment, this value must be supplied as plain text in the request.
plusoners object People who +1'd this comment.
plusoners.totalItems unsigned integer Total number of people who +1'd this comment.


List all of the comments for an activity.
Get a comment.