Source Values for Deep Links

The Google+ API enables you to find where the user clicked on a deep link to arrive at your app, and whether this flow caused them to install your app. This feature enables you to collect metrics on user engagement.

For example, if the user clicks on a deep link on a post in the stream, and if your app is not installed, they will be taken to Apple's App Store to install the app. Upon completion of installation, the app will automatically open to the view specified by the deep link. At this point, calling the source member function on that deep link returns the value stream_install. Note that the _install suffix indicates the app was installed during this flow.

The source member function of the GPPDeepLink class provides this functionality by returning one of the following values. The value is available once the app opens to the deep-linked view.

The user clicked on Was the app already installed? The app opens to Value returned by source function
A deep link in a post Yes The deep-linked view stream
A deep link in a post No, the user was prompted to install the app The deep-linked view stream_install

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