Create a more engaging experience and connect with more users by integrating social into your app across Android, iOS, and mobile web. Extend your app in new and creative ways using these Google+ platform features.

Easy sign up and sign in

The Google+ Sign-In button is an easy way for users to sign up and sign in to your app. This allows you to know who they are on Google+ and to build a more personalized experience for your app, all without having to create yet another username and password.

Be shared and discovered

The Share dialog provides a means for users to share rich content from your app into the Google+ stream, including links, photos and location. When users log into Google+, the stream is the first thing they see, making it core to the Google+ experience and giving your content greater visibility.

Get recommended

The +1 button is a way for users to give their public stamp of approval to any content associated with a URL. These endorsements can give your app more credibility and help it grow faster. When users +1, they can also share content with their circles.

Increase app discovery and drive lasting re-engagement

Want to increase the visibility of your app? With a user’s permission, you can display activities they take on your app on their Google+ profile, visible to people they choose to share with. These relevant mentions of your app can foster conversations, and create powerful social proof for your service.

Build in personalization

The Google+ APIs let you create a more personalized and integrated experience by bring people and conversations into your app using public Google+ content, such as user profiles, posts, and comments.

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