Legacy Google+ APIs have been shut down as of March 7, 2019. Changes to the shutdown plan have been made recently which may mitigate its effect on some developers. Learn more.

Google+ integrations for web and mobile apps have also stopped functioning as of March 7, 2019. Learn more.


Create a more engaging experience and connect with more users by integrating social into your app across Android, and mobile web. Extend your app in new and creative ways using these Google+ platform features.

Increase app discovery and drive lasting re-engagement

Want to increase the visibility of your app? With a user’s permission, you can display activities they take on your app on their Google+ profile, visible to people they choose to share with. These relevant mentions of your app can foster conversations, and create powerful social proof for your service.

Build in personalization

The Google+ APIs let you create a more personalized and integrated experience by bring people and conversations into your app using public Google+ content, such as user profiles, posts, and comments.

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Google+ Platform
Google+ Platform