Google+ Hangouts API

Sample Hangout Apps

The following sample apps are provided to demonstrate how to build a Hangout app and to help get you up and running quickly.

To run an app in a Hangout, click on the Hangout button below. Alternatively, you can download the source code, then host and run it, or use it to build your own app.

Example App Gadget XML Source Code Public App
Simple Hangout App - the simplest Hangout App. NOTE: This is presented as an extension. xml source Start a Hangout
Yes, No, Maybe - a voting app xml source Start a Hangout
Talking Heads - change your avatar to the talking android of your choice xml source Start a Hangout
Starter App - a simple Python App Engine application that serves as a good starter for Hangout apps xml source Start a Hangout
Media App - a JavaScript application that demonstrates how to add and remove face-tracking overlays and play audio xml source Start a Hangout
Video Selector - a JavaScript application that chooses which video feed to show: a participant or the main video feed xml source Start a Hangout
Face Movement App - demonstrates face movement callbacks. xml source Start a Hangout
Send Message App - uses the sendMessage method to track mouse motions between multiple participants. xml source Start a Hangout
OnAir App - demonstrates interactions with Hangouts On Air. The Hangouts On Air status methods allow you to move participants in and out of the broadcast. xml source Start a Hangout
Background Replacement App - demonstrates background replacement effects. Add a custom background to the Hangout, and/or blur the background with different levels of blur window size. xml source Start a Hangout

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