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Note: The Telephone API requires that you add a scope to the Google Developers Console project as described in OAuth Requirements.




Classes in

Class Description
class Money(
Represents a quantity of money.
amount : undefined
The amount of money. In millionths of a unit (currency determines the unit).
currency : undefined
The currency of the money. Follows ISO 4217 ('EUR', 'USD', etc.)
forDisplay : undefined
A displayble string in the user’s chosen currency.
class TelephoneBalanceResponseEvent(
An event fired when the server responds to a telephone balance lookup.
balance : undefined
The amount in the user's voice account. Null if the lookup is not successful.
successful : undefined
Whether the lookup was successful. Will be false if the user doesn't have a Google Voice account.

Functions in

Function Returns Description & Parameter
requestTelephoneBalance() undefined Looks up the user's current Google Voice balance. When a response has been received from the server a #TelephoneBalanceResponseEvent will be fired.

Event Functions in

Event Function Description
Adds a callback to be called whenever a PSTN balance response is received from the server.
callback : function(TelephoneBalanceResponseEvent)
The callback to add.
Removes a callback previously added by
callback : function(TelephoneBalanceResponseEvent)
The callback to remove.

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