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Google+ Platform

Interactive Posts

Pull people into your app to take specific actions
Example of
        an interactive post in the Google+ stream

Seeking ways to grow your user base? Interactive posts allow users to bring people they care about to your app for a specific purpose. Users can send posts asking people to sign up, write a review, buy an item, check-in, listen, or whatever your app calls for. These interactive posts trigger notifications for recipients and show up in their Google+ streams.

Results  3x higher click-through rate than a standard share

How interactive posts work

Drive action

In addition to the standard content links, interactive posts introduce a prominent call-to-action button designed to drive actions in your app. Clicking these buttons brings recipients right to a specific place in your app, where they can perform a specific action. You can choose from over 100 button labels you want to appear on interactive posts users send from your app.

Trigger notifications

Interactive posts can trigger notifications in the Google Bar across Google properties. When a user adds individual friend names in the "To" field of the post, recipients will be notified. This means that your app's notification will be seen regardless of whether the user is on Google Maps, Gmail, Google Search, YouTube, and of course, Google+.

Customize the post

You can pre-fill suggested sharebox text, pre-fill up to 10 names in the "To" field of the post, and customize the post's favicon, description, and image. You can also use the Google+ API to access the user's friend list and present the user with a people chooser, ordered by affinity.

Measure impact

With Google+ Platform Insights you can see data on post views, clicks, app installs from interactive posts, and more. This helps you understand how users are interacting with posts on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis. You can also use interactive post performance data to optimize your call-to-action labels to gain the greatest engagement.

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