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Get the most out of Google+ Sign-In

Looking to optimize your Google+ integration? Platform Insights features analytics with in-depth data about the health of your Google+ Sign-In integration. From measuring user growth to visualizing the viral spread of interactive posts, Platform Insights helps uncover trends and optimize your integration for improved acquisition and engagement.

After you connect your app with your Google+ Page, you can get analytics for your app in Google+ Platform Insights. You can measure how many of your followers and customers are signing in with Google, what’s driving your app downloads, and how users are interacting with your app over time. Easily export these stats in CSV format for further analysis.

The following are best practices for making the most of Platform Insights.

Understand your users

Under Sign-In Activity, you can see aggregated data about how many people have signed into your app with Google. This information helps you understand the overall health of your integration.

Google+ Platform Insights displays total and new users by day.
The Interactive Posts page shows how users interact with your posts over time.

Dig deeper into post performance

On the Interactive Posts page, you can see how users are interacting with posts, including views, clicks, and CTR (Click-Through Rate). This can help you optimize interactive posts to gain the greatest engagement.

Optimize your integration based on user activity

Use interactive post performance data to optimize your call-to-action labels and your integration. If you see that users aren't converting through a particular call-to-action label, try another. For instance, if people aren't responding to "Buy", you could A/B test related terms such as "Purchase" or "Buy now".

Monitor installs to your Android app

When users sign in with Google, you can prompt them to instantly download your Android app. The Android app installs page in Google+ Platform Insights shows a timeline of these app installs. You can view impressions of the install prompt, installs, and success rate. This data can help you optimize the placement of the "Sign in with Google" button to improve app downloads.

Android app installs page visualizes downloads of your app over time.

Set up Google+ Platform Insights for your app

To start gathering analytics on your Google+ Pages dashboard, you must connect your Google Developers Console project to your Google+ Page, as follows:

  1. Locate your Google+ Page's ID by visiting the Google+ Pages dashboard:
    1. Click Manage this page on the page tile you want to manage.
    2. Choose Settings from the upper-left drop-down list.
    3. Click Connected services on the top horizontal bar.
    4. Under the Google Developers Console (formerly Google APIs Console), click Start.
    5. In the dialog that appears, select and copy your Google+ Page ID—it follows You will use this ID in step 2 to connect your Google Developers Console project to your Google+ Page.
    6. Close the dialog or continue through the wizard if you would like to see a walkthrough of the following steps.
    7. Keep the connected services page open. You will return to this page in step 3 to approve the connection.
  2. Request the connection in the Google Developers Console:
    1. In the Google Developers Console, select the project that you want to connect to your Google+ Page Insights.
    2. In the left menu, expand APIs & auth, and select Consent screen.
    3. In the Google+ Page field, paste your Google+ Page ID.
    4. Click Save.
  3. Return to the connected services page on the Google+ Pages dashboard (where you left off at the end of step 1).
  4. You should now see your project listed under Google Developers Console. Click Approve to connect your project to your Page.

Your Google Developers Console project will now start sending analytics to your dashboard. A View insights button is now available for your project on your Google+ Pages dashboard.

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