Troubleshoot overview

This page helps you view, debug, and fix Chat apps, card, and dialog errors.

How errors appear

When a Google Chat app returns an error, it manifests like this:

  • A message like "App is not responding.", "Something went wrong.", or "Unable to process your request" displays.
  • The app doesn't work as intended.
  • No message displays, and the app doesn't respond.

When a card returns an error, it manifests like this:

  • Part of a card, like a widget or component, doesn't appear or renders in an unexpected way.
  • The entire card doesn't appear.
  • A dialog closes, doesn't open, or doesn't load.

Although an error message might not display in the Chat UI, descriptive error messages and log data are available to help you fix errors when error logging for Chat apps is turned on.

Debug and troubleshoot Google Chat errors

  1. Turn on error logging so your Google Chat app logs errors if and when they occur.
  2. Query error logs for Google Chat to read error logs, see how often errors occur, and read descriptive error messages and log data that help you fix the errors.
  3. Learn how to fix common errors:
    • Fix Google Chat app errors like "App is not responding", "Google Chat API is only available to Google Workspace users", or "Users can be excluded from spaces".
    • Fix card and dialog errors like card messages, dialogs, or link previews not rendering or working as expected.
  4. Debug your Chat app to execute it step by step.