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Add-on references

This section lists resources you can refer to as you build add-ons.

REST and RPC resources

For Google Workspace Add-ons implemented with HTTP endpoints, use the Add-ons API to manage your add-on.

  • Define the card markup of your add-on.
  • Create deployments.
  • Create and manage deployments using command-line tools.
  • Manage deployment permissions using granular Cloud IAM permissions.
  • Grant deployment permissions to service accounts or regular users.

Apps Script resources

Manifest reference

An Apps Script manifest file defines much of the add-on's behavior.

The Manifest structure documentation describes how a manifest is organized and its content.

Apps Script services

Add-ons built using Apps Script can use the many built-in Google Workspace services it provides to access Google Workspace application data. You can also use Apps Script advanced services to directly access the corresponding REST API from your add-on script project. Apps Script also provides built-in script services to assist with common tasks that aren't connected to a particular Google Workspace application (such as logging or data compression).

The following table provides a short summary of services that are often useful when building add-ons.

Google Workspace services
Calendar service Access and modify user Google Calendar data.
Document service Create, access, and edit Google Docs.
Drive service Create, access, and modify files in Google Drive.
Forms service Create, access, and edit Google Forms.
Gmail service Access user Gmail data and messages.
Slides service Create, access, and edit Google Slides presentations.
Sheets service Create, access, and edit Google Sheets.
Advanced Google services
Advanced Calendar service Use the Calendar v3 REST API from your add-on script project.
Advanced Drive service Use the Drive v2 REST API from your add-on script project.
Advanced Gmail service Use the Gmail v1 REST API from your add-on script project.
Advanced Sheets service Use the Sheets v4 REST API from your add-on script project.
Advanced Slides service Use the Slides v1 REST API from your add-on script project.
Script services
console Log information to Stackdriver. This is usually preferable to using the simpler Logger service.
Card service Create card-based interfaces for Gmail add-ons. You can also use this service is to build interfaces for Google Chat bots. To build dialogs and sidebars for editor add-ons, you must use the HTML service instead.
Conference Data service Only used for add-ons that interact with Google Calendar conferencing. This service lets your Google Workspace add-on create and sync third-party conferencing information in Google Calendar.
HTML service Create and serve HTML. This service is used to build user interfaces for editor add-on sidebars and dialogs. For more information, see the Apps Script guide to HTML service. To build interfaces for Gmail add-ons, you must use the Card service instead.
Properties service Store and retrieve add-on state and other information using property strings.
Script service Access script triggers and other script-level information.
URL Fetch service Retrieve and post information from or to third-party URLs. Often it is helpful to use the OAuth2 library for Apps Script in conjunction with this service to handle the details of OAuth2 authorization for third-party APIs.
Utilities service Helper methods to handle data compression, encoding, decoding, JSON manipulation, and other miscellaneous tasks.