Online safety showcase

The internet offers women a platform for expression and opportunity but also poses risks as a conduit for abuse. Recognizing this, Women Techmakers joined forces with Jigsaw, a unit within Alphabet developing technology to make the world safer, to launch the Women’s Online Safety hackathon in 2020, focusing on innovative ways to protect women in the digital world.

We invited social entrepreneurs, developers, and technologists to leverage Google’s tech solutions to tackle gender violence. Prior to the hackathon, participants attended a workshop on current online harassment trends. They then brainstormed and pitched innovative ideas, ranging from security apps monitoring online harassment to new features for existing products that improve women’s connections with safety networks.

In 2021, we welcomed over 2,000 participants from more than 50 countries to 13 hackathons and training sessions. Over 100 innovative solutions were created to enhance women's online safety. Watch the stories unfold from these hackathons and listen to the insights of the women leaders who steered these initiatives.