Discovery and Monetization

Broaden your website's audience and increase revenue.

Online advertisements are one way to monetize your site or app. Google's AdSense site has resources and instructions to help you through that. To earn those revenues you need to bring more people to your site.

Payment Request API

The Payment Request API is an open and cross-browser standard that replaces traditional checkout flows by allowing merchants to request and accept any payment in a single API call. The PaymentRequest API allows the web page to exchange information with the user agent while the user is providing input, before approving or denying a payment request.

Best of all, with the browser acting as an intermediary, all the information necessary for a fast checkout can be stored in the browser, so users can just confirm and pay, all with a single click.

Payment Request Integration Guide

Search Optimization

Use your site structure and a robots.txt file to improve your search engine optimization.
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Social Discovery

A few lines of code on each page can bring more people to your site by providing previews with rich information.
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