Discovery and monetization
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Search optimization

Websites are visited not only by humans, but also by search engine web crawlers. Learn how to improve search accuracy and ranking for your website.

  1. Search optimization
  2. Instruct search engines how your multi-device page is structured
  3. Control crawling and indexing from search engines

Social discovery

You can influence the way your site appears when shared via social media by adding a few lines of code to each page. This can help bring more people to your site by providing previews with richer information than would otherwise be available.

  1. Social discovery

Monetization with ads

Serving advertisements provides a way for web developers to make their content and site free while still earning money. Learn how ads work and how to serve responsive ads on your site.

  1. Monetization with ads
  2. How ads work
  3. Include AdSense ads on your site
  4. Customize your ads
  5. Optimize your ads

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