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WebFundamentals is a comprehensive resource for web development best practices, designed to help you add the right features and experiences to your web project. If you’re new to web development or just looking to make your project better, we’ve got you covered.

Progressive Web App Road Show 2016

Stopping in New York, Chicago, Austin, Toronto, Mountain View and Seattle. Learn more and sign up now.

What is a Progressive Web App and what do you need to know to get started building one? In this step-by-step guide, you'll build your own Progressive Web App and learn the fundamentals needed for building Progressive Web Apps.
Learn how to add Push Notifications to your web applications to re-engage users with breaking news and information about new content.

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Design and UI

Make your projects look great and interact beautifully.

Discovery and monetization

Maximize discoverability for your users and your revenue.

Security and identity

Know who your users are and keep their information safe.


Performance is a feature, and #perfmatters!

Engage and retain users

Connect with your users and keep them coming back.

Native hardware access

Locate your users and help them contact you.

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