Smart Tap overview

Smart Tap technology lets customers redeem any passes in their wallet by simply holding their phone to any compatible NFC terminal.

Intended audience

This guide is for developers who want their passes to be redeemable via NFC at Smart Tap capable terminals.


You must complete the following prerequisites before you can set up Smart Tap:

Pass development

Either during or after initial pass development, you will need to configure your passes to be redeemable via the Smart Tap protocol.

For more information, see Pass configuration.

Smart Tap capable terminals

To set up Smart Tap, you must either establish a relationship with a Smart Tap capable terminal provider, or confirm that the existing terminals you are using are compatible with the Smart Tap protocol.

The following list includes Smart Tap compatible terminal providers:

  • Advanced Card Systems Ltd.
  • Axess AG
  • Castles Technology
  • Contactless Technologies B.V.
  • Dot Origin
  • Embed International
  • Equinox
  • HID
  • IDTech
  • Infinite Peripherals
  • Ingenico
  • Intercard Inc.
  • Janam
  • On Track Innovations
  • Pax
  • PinvAccess
  • Radius Network
  • Skidata
  • Socket Mobile
  • SpringCard
  • Techsigno SRL
  • UIC Payworld Inc.
  • Verifone
  • XAC
  • Zebra

You must also ensure that the data in the pass is conveyed correctly from the terminal to your system. Once your system(s) process the transaction, make sure to update the pass object so that the user sees their new balance or status.