Businesses & organizations can accept IDs from Google Wallet to securely and seamlessly verify a person's information.

IDs in Google Wallet are based on the international ISO 18013-5 standard for mobile driver's licenses. This means:

  • All data on the ID is backed with a cryptographic signature for secure and seamless verification
  • IDs can be presented seamlessly starting with an NFC tap or QR code scan, with data transmitted over BLE.
  • Users have the option to review requested data before sharing, and only need to share the elements relevant to the transaction rather than their entire ID.
  • Users must authenticate on the device before sharing
  • Any device which accept IDs from Google Wallet can accept IDs from any other application or Wallet that implements this standard

To see IDs in Google Wallet in action see this video below for an example of how an ID is presented:

Use-cases for IDs in Google Wallet

  • Age Verification: Request age to verify before purchasing age-restricted items or access to age-restricted venues.
  • Identity Verification: Request name and address to verify a person's identity for legal compliance or fraud-mitigation.
  • Driving Privileges: Verify a person's ability to drive (e.g. when renting a car).