Policies and restrictions

This page describes policies that you must comply with to participate in the vehicle listings program. Be aware that these policies can be updated at any time.


When Google evaluates your feed, we exclude individual vehicles that don't include any of the required fields listed in the Feed specification or that violate the policies on this page. Additionally, we might exclude entire dealerships if the inventory is incomplete when we compare it to the dealership's website.

Vehicle policies

  • Only include non-commercial passenger vehicles such as cars and pickup trucks. Don't include vehicles like motorcycles, RVs, or boats.
  • If a vehicle isn't located at the dealership, mark the vehicle as IN_TRANSIT or SHIP_TO_STORE.

Image policies

For the best viewing experience on both large and small screens, we require high-quality images that show the actual vehicle that's for sale. Only provide images that you're permitted to share with Google for use in this experience.

Google crawls images based on the URLs you provide in the feed. Images must be in the JPEG (.jpg or .jpeg) or PNG (.png) file formats. They must have minimum dimensions of 256x256 pixel resolution, with a maximum size of 16 MB. We strongly discourage the use of stock images, although if you provide them, we display them with a warning.

Certain images might not be displayed, might be edited, or might cause the vehicle to have a lower rank if you submit them. These types of images include the following:

  • Images with inappropriate or sensitive content
  • Images that can't be crawled by Google
  • Images that don't have stable URLs
  • Images that have watermarks or overlays
  • Images with a "coming soon" disclaimer; we replace these images with a Google version.

Vehicles without an image might have a lower rank, so although images aren't required, they're strongly preferred.

Price policies

We want to show the lowest possible price that is publicly available to all consumers. Any discount shown needs to apply to all consumers. For instance, don't include veterans discounts.

If you would like to show only MSRP prices for a new vehicle, put the MSRP price in both the price and vehicle_msrp fields.

We exclude vehicles with prices that fall outside of the range of prices that we expect, based on similar vehicles that are available for sale.

Mileage policy

We exclude any new vehicle with more than 20,000 miles.

Business Profile Products

We hide the Business Profile Products when showing vehicle listings on Business Profiles.

Can we enable both vehicle listings and Products on our Business Profile?

Our users found it confusing to see two similar modules next to each other. Additionally, vehicle listings consistently have significantly higher interaction rate compared to Products, so we believe it provides users with the best experience when searching for vehicles.