GTFS Realtime Reference

A GTFS realtime feed lets transit agencies provide consumers with realtime information about disruptions to their service (stations closed, lines not operating, important delays, etc.) location of their vehicles, and expected arrival times.

Version 1.0 of the feed specification is discussed and documented on this site.

Term Definitions

  • Required: Exactly one
  • Repeated: Zero or more
  • Message: Complex type
  • Enum: List of fixed values
  • Experimental: Experimental field, subject to change. It may be formally adopted in the future.

Entities Overview

The following table lists the entities available in the GTFS realtime feed.

Entity Description
message Alert Indicator of some sort of incident in the public transit network.
enum Cause Cause of this Alert.
enum CongestionLevel Congestion level that is affecting this vehicle.
enum Effect The effect of this problem on the affected entity.
message EntitySelector A selector for an entity in a GTFS feed.
message FeedEntity A definition (or update) of an entity in the transit feed.
message FeedHeader Metadata about the feed, included in a FeedMessage.
message FeedMessage The contents of a feed message.
enum Incrementality Determines whether the current fetch is incremental.
enum OccupancyStatus (VehiclePosition) The degree of passenger occupancy for the vehicle.
message Position A geographic position of a vehicle.
enum ScheduleRelationship (StopTimeUpdate) The relation between this StopTime and the static schedule.
enum ScheduleRelationship (TripDescriptor) The relation between this trip and the static schedule.
message StopTimeEvent Timing information for a single predicted event (either arrival or departure).
message TimeRange A time interval.
message TranslatedString An internationalized message containing per-language versions of a snippet of text or a URL.
message Translation A localized string mapped to a language.
message TripDescriptor A descriptor that identifies an instance of a GTFS trip, or all instances of a trip along a route.
message TripUpdate Real-time update on the progress of a vehicle along a trip.
message VehicleDescriptor Identification information for the vehicle performing the trip.
message VehiclePosition Realtime positioning information for a given vehicle.
enum VehicleStopStatus The status of a vehicle as it relates to the stop.