Summary of Technical Writing One

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Technical Writing One covered the following basic lessons of technical writing:

  • Use terms consistently.
  • Avoid ambiguous pronouns.
  • Prefer active voice to passive voice.
  • Choose strong verbs.
  • Pick specific nouns over vague ones.
  • Focus each sentence on a single idea.
  • Convert some long sentences to lists.
  • Eliminate unneeded words.
  • Use a numbered list when ordering is important and a bulleted list when ordering is irrelevant.
  • Keep list items parallel.
  • Start numbered list items with imperative words.
  • Introduce lists and tables appropriately.
  • Create great opening sentences that establish a paragraph's central point.
  • Focus each paragraph on a single topic.
  • Determine what your audience needs to learn.
  • Fit documentation to your audience.
  • Establish your document's key points at the start of the document.
  • Learn strategies for effective self-editing.
  • Give and receive peer feedback generously.