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Google tags give you the tools to work with advertising and measurement products such as Google Analytics, Ads conversion measurement, remarketing, and more. Our solutions include Google Tag Manager and the global site tag.

What is a "tag"?

Global site tag

The global site tag (gtag.js) is a JavaScript tagging library for web pages that allows you to send measurement data and advertising features to Google products, including Google Ads, Campaign Manager 360, Display & Video 360, Search Ads 360, Google Analytics, and more. The global site tag library allows you to use one common library to interact with all of Google's measurement products.

Google Tag Manager

Tag Manager is a tag management system that includes the same features as global site tags, and lets you configure and instantly deploy tags on your website or mobile app from an easy to use web-based user interface. In addition, Tag Manager features support for third-party tags, organization features, version control, and enterprise collaboration and security features.

Supported integrations

The following products are supported by gtag.js and Tag Manager:

Tag Type gtag.js Tag Manager
Google Analytics 4 Yes Yes
Google Analytics: Universal Analytics Yes Yes
Google Ads Conversions Yes Yes
Google Ads Remarketing Yes Yes
Floodlight Yes Yes
Google Optimize Yes Yes
Google Surveys Website Satisfaction No Yes
Third-party tags No Yes

In addition to the Google measurement products listed here, Tag Manager supports a wide variety of third-party tags. There are additional tag and variable templates maintained by third parties in the Community Template Gallery, and you can create and share your own tags with custom templates.